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Offensive Security for All with Phillip Wylie

Updated: Jan 8

About this episode:

When it comes to your organization cybersecurity is not limited to a single person or division – all business units need to understand best practices. At this year’s conference international speaker/best-selling author/podcast host/tech evangelist/top ethical hacker Phillip Wylie will break down the difference in offensive security concepts to help educate consumers in any role.   


In this episode Phil also discusses his latest projects, upcoming cybersecurity conferences, and how community events like HOU.SEC.CON can help your career.


Things Mentioned:

·      Check out the article “New Mockingjay Process Injection Technique Could Let Malware Evade Detection” here

·      Listen to the Phillip Wylie Show here

·      Learn more about the TAB Cyber Foundation here


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In this episode:

Editing by: Lauren Lynch

Music by: August Honey

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